Last April, we took a cruise around the Caribbean with family. My parents had never been on a cruise before, so this made it all the more enjoyable. We sailed on a Celebrity Cruise ship, and I highly recommend upgrading to Aqua Class, if you do. This allows for less crowded dining halls, larger staterooms, and other added benefits and services that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Our cruise made four stops. We were fortunate to have wonderful weather throughout the week. It was definitely a good idea to travel before the heat waves started moving in and hurricane season began.

Puerto Rico – This was our first, and favorite excursion of the week. We took an informative tour around the city of Old San Juan. Our tour ended with some local cocktails and tapas while enjoying a gorgeous sunset. Our tour guide was wonderful as well. She taught us all about the city we were exploring and made each stop enjoyable.

Bahamas – Here, we took a Mini-Submarine tour to see schools of gorgeous fish. It began with a short boat ride alongside a hilarious captain who gave us an overview of Nassau. Then, we switched boats and walked down below sea level to our underwater viewing area. We do not recommend doing this, however, if you get seasick. I did not make a smart choice in that department and regretted it. However, Brian got some nice videos for me to watch once back on solid ground.

St. Thomas – We visited the Plantation Crown and Hawk Botanical Garden. We had a nice leisurely walk around the grounds. Unfortunately, these were partially destroyed from a recent hurricane. I had been here on a previous trip, so it was sad to see the changes that had occurred. However, they are working to rebuild, and each tourist visit helps a lot. Next, we took a (semi-scary) bus ride up the narrow streets to the Mountain Top. Here you can do some shopping or try a yummy daiquiri while overlooking the beautiful Magens Bay.

Dominican Republic – We enjoyed a day exploring Scape Park. Here, you can zip line, swim in a cave, and visit various wildlife habitats. After being out in the sun for a while, we got a tour through a cave. Brian swam in a cave, but it was cold, so I did not. Then, we finished off with an afternoon at the beach.

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