Toronto, Ontario

After all of our travels throughout Europe, we thought it was time to finally venture to one of our bordering countries in North America, Canada. We have a few friends from Toronto, where Brian has previously visited, so we thought it would be a nice place to start. It was a fun adventure exploring the city and visiting friends.

Where to stay: 

  • Hotel X: A new, modern hotel with many amenities. There were over three bars and lounges, a restaurant, a movie theater, and a rooftop pool to name a few. It is located a little outside of the city center, but is easily accessible via street cars or a short walk.

We were unintentionally here during an Indy 500 race. The racetrack was literally constructed right around us, with our hotel being an island in the middle. It was quite neat to watch the transformation of an average block of streets be turned into a racetrack, but a little inconvenient once the race began. Needless to say, it was loud! And we had to go a very round about, and underground, way to get from our hotel to anywhere else. However, it was only 2 out of the 7 days we were there and was a unique experience.

Where to eat:

  • Edulis: We had an amazing tasting menu here! This was the first tasting menu I’ve truly tried that not only accommodated my pescatarian diet, but got creative with it. I was not simply given pasta or doubled veggie sides, but was given filling seafood and alternative meat dishes. Furthermore, this restaurant always gives multiple tasting menus even if you eat all foods. So, if you choose the 7 course tasting for a table of 2, you will receive 14 dishes overall for your table to try. They also have an a la carte menu, if you’d prefer. The food was delicious and the service was impeccable.
  • The Chefs’ House: This fine dining restaurant is run almost entirely by students of the Culinary Arts School. From managing to serving to cooking, the staff thrives on customer interaction and feedback. You can choose from a few menu options of scrumptious food created by these promising chefs in training.
  • Bluestone Lane: This was an amazing cafe right near the Omni Hotel. We ended up eating here on multiple days. They have a wonderful menu to choose from with great coffee, tea, and service. It also reminded us a little of Australia!

What to do:

  • Journey up to the top of the CN Tower to get some breathtaking views of the city. If you are brave enough (I was not), you can even do the Edge Walk.
  • Visit the Distillery District. I’m not into beer, but, for those that are, they have a lot of distilleries for both beer and whiskey. There are also some fun restaurants and small shops to venture though. Farmer’s Markets and other events are often held here, making it a lively area.
  • Go to a Farmer’s Market. There are several set up throughout the city on various days, so check out the listings near your hotel before you go.
  • See a concert at the Budweiser Stage (very close to Hotel Aria) – We got some free concerts by opening our windows during concert nights so we could hear! They did not go late, either, so our sleeping was not affected.
  • Visit Rogers Centre and maybe even catch a Blue Jays Game!

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