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Hello! Welcome to my travel blog! My husband, Brian, and I have been a couple since college. Together, we enjoy traveling, hiking, playing tennis, trying new foods, wine tasting, and spending time with loved ones. Eight years ago, Brian and I moved out to California from our home state of Virginia. Throughout this time, I taught Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and first grade, and he worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley.

Last year, we were in a transition period in our lives as we considered moving from Northern California back to the East Coast. We decided this would be a great opportunity to take a year off and travel to the many wonders around the world. We packed up, moved everything into storage and have been living out of a suitcase ever since. This, in itself, has been an eye opening experience, let alone the traveling. While we have definitely not seen it all, we have had some amazing experiences and hope to continue our travels in the future.

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